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Holi Hai

Posted on3 Years ago by

Every year, at the beginning of Spring in India, is the Holi Festival, also known as Festival Of Colours.

Holi has a long tradition which lies deeply in Hinduism. Every region of the country celebrates holi with splash of neon bright colours.

Holi signifies the victory of good over evil, and the vibrant colours have a great significance where people display their joy with friends and relatives, colouring their lives in their most favourite colour.

Colours speak for themselves. Let's hear what they have to say.


Astoraa studio content 7-1-2020 2-03.jpg

Orange : Sensuality, Fun

Orange, a combination of Red and Yellow, is stimulating and focuses our mind on sensuality. It is a fun colour.

                                Astoraa studio content 7-1-2020 2-04.jpg

Yellow : Emotional

With a relatively long wavelength, Yellow lifts our spirits and stimulates our self esteem. It encourages confidance and optimism.

Astoraa studio content 7-1-2020 2-03.jpgPurple : Spiritual

With the shortest wavelength, Purple takes awareness to a higher level of thought. It takes us into realms of spirituality and encourages meditation. It is associated with royalty and signifies the finest possible quality. Being the last visible wavelength before the ultra violet ray, Purple is associated with time and space and the cosmos.

  Astoraa studio content 7-1-2020 2-04.jpg

Blue : Intellectual

Blue is the colour of the mind and is essentially soothing. Blue helps simulate clear thoughts and has calming effect on the mind.


Astoraa studio content 7-1-2020 2-03.jpg

Green : Balance

Green strikes the eye in such a way as to require no adjustment whatever it is, therefore, restful. It is the colour of balance and reassures the word about the presence of life.

                                Astoraa studio content 7-1-2020 2-04.jpg

Red : Physical

 Red is a powerful colour with the longest wavelength. It grabs instant attention. Red is the simplest colour, stimulating and lively, at the same time demanding and aggressive.

The jewellery that you wear speak a lot about your mood and emotions. This Holi, Astoraa presents jewellery which bonds with you, an expression of your emotions, and an extension of your personality.
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